Stock Eau de Vie Strawbar in your Bar

Meet the Eau de Vie Missing From Your Bar

Meet the Eau de Vie Missing From Your Bar 750 750 Ben Franks

Can a bar ever be fully stocked without an outstanding Eau de Vie? 

Eau de Vie, a French word meaning “water of life”, is a clear fruit brandy renowned in Europe as a digestif. It’s growing in popularity as an ideal drink to sip at a bar after seeing a show in the West End, or to round-off an indulgent evening at one’s favourite restaurant.

Eau de Vie spirits are bottled to preserve the integrity of their fruit character. Dedication is always essential. The fruit is hand-harvested, hand-washed and hand-sorted to ensure only the best quality goes into the still. Distillation accentuates character – and with Eau de View you get the concentration of only the finest.

While Eau de Vie spirits are probably one of the most luxurious drinks to savour, don’t forget about its remarkable potential in a cocktail as well.

When it’s made well, Eau de Vie can be some of the most aromatic, perfumed and textured spirits you can buy. Acetone, a compound often more prominent in Eau de Vies, can provide oiliness and texture to a cocktail. With Eau de Vie like Strawbar, the aroma of fresh strawberries fills a room as soon as the stopper is pulled.

It shines through a mixer – think fresh lemonade, ginger ale or cream soda – even with a dash. We’ve also showcased a whole range of stunning cocktails you can try it in as well.

So whether you are after something luxurious for your guests to sip in the late hours of your bar, or an exciting new ingredient to add to your creative flair for drinks, try Strawbar. It is an Eau de Vie that you will almost certainly love.

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