Strawbar as a digestif

Strawbar Is The Perfect Digestif At Your Dinner Party

Strawbar Is The Perfect Digestif At Your Dinner Party 750 750 Ben Franks

Eau de Vie spirits like Strawbar offer some of the most luxurious drinks to round-off a meal. Here’s the secret as to why Eau de Vie makes the perfect digestif.

Eau de Vie is a colourless brandy with the soul purpose of preserving the pure character of its raw ingredients. In Strawbar, we select the finest wild strawberries from northern Greece to make our spirit.

Strawbar is not a liqueur. Instead, you taste the true essence of the strawberry: its esters. These esters are aromas we humans recognise as flavour and in an Eau de Vie like Strawbar you can enjoy them in their purist form.

Perfumed aromas of strawberries lead the way. Then, when you drink our Eau de Vie, you are introduced to rounded, mouth-filling spirit. Texture plays an important part, coating the mouth and your taste buds. Alcohol adds warmth, like a hug. Then the complexity: a wisp of smoke, racy acidity and freshness, and a deep, fruity flavour.

After a meal, it cleanses the palate and offers you a memory.

The secret to Strawbar being your perfect digestif is just that: it captures a moment in time.

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