Strawbar gets new listings in Spirits Kiosk and Master of Malt

Strawbar gets new listings in Spirits Kiosk and Master of Malt 450 450 Ben Franks

Strawbar Spirits are now available from two of the UK’s leading spirits retailers. Discover our limited release Eau de Vies at Spirits Kiosk and Master of Malt from February 2021.

Strawbar Origin (40.0% abv), a double distilled wild strawberry eau de vie, and Strawbar Platinum (45.0% abv), a smooth, triple-distilled version, are now available to buy online from two top retailers.

Made in very small batches and only found in Greece and the UK, our limited release eau de vie spirits are available in 50cl format and you can buy them online from both retailers.

Strawbar is a top sipping spirit for brandy fans and offers plenty of excitement for cocktails. Our cocktail recipes have been designed by The Hideout bar’s GM, Callum Rixsom; they are ready to inspire you on our Recipes page.

Also, it’s great news for creative bartenders across the country

Strawbar’s availability in Enotria & Coe’s Spirits Kiosk and Atom’s Master of Malt brand mean bartenders can now order the spirit easily and receive a quick delivery across the country. As most bar teams have accounts with Enotria or Master of Malt, buying Strawbar has never been easier; there’s no need to add a new supplier or buy large volumes.

Master of Malt also offer delivery options to addresses based abroad.

If you’re interested in exploring our exciting 100% wild strawberry eau de vie on your menu, contact your regional account manager or get in touch with our team for more information about how to buy Strawbar for your bar.

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