The Spring Picnic Punch

Gin, Long, Apéritif

The Spring Picnic Punch

Josh Linfitt, Propping up the bar

Gin, Long, Apéritif


This is a great one to bring people back together, that long awaited meet up puts smiles on everyone’s face.

Easy to make and full of springtime swing this super simple punch recipe is ticks all the boxes with flavours to excite everyone’s palate.

100ml Strawbar Origin,
100ml Dry Gin,
70ml William Fox Hibiscus Syrup,
20ml Lime juice,
200ml Cranberry Juice,
200ml Soda Water,

To make The Spring Picnic punch simply mix all the ingredients together in a sharing vessel and throw in some frozen grapes, ice and ribbons of cucumber, pour out and enjoy.

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