Strawbar Frappé

After Dinner, Smooth

Strawbar Frappé

Callum Rixson, The Hideout, Bath

After Dinner, Smooth


A riff on the ever-popular Frappé you might want to drink this every morning but maybe best only do that at the weekend.

Then for the rest of the week stick to the early evening. Rich creamy with a nice little pick me up.

1x Simple serve
Glassware – Low Ball
Strawbar Platinum
100ml Milk
10ml Dark Rum
1 teaspoon of Coffee granules
1 teaspoon of Caster sugar

Add all ingredients into a shaker (or a jar) shake hard and pour into a glass and drink. Or just drink it straight out the shaker.

Strawbar A History of Strawberries
  • Hestia
    The perfect after dinner drink, rich creamy and herbal finish off with a fresh menthol hit.
  • Crimson Blush
    The Crimson red of cherry together with the Blush of fresh strawberries, make this bittersweet beauty hard to put down.
  • Fresco
    This is one to drink on the terrace from when the sun hits, until it leaves.