After Dinner, Sour


Callum Rixson, The Hideout, Bath

After Dinner, Sour


The perfect after dinner drink, rich creamy and herbal finish off with a fresh menthol hit leaving your palette clean and refreshed.

Ready for another, and another. Based on one of the oldest sour recipes the White Lady. Which was originally made with creme de menthe at the base.

1x Premium cocktail
Glassware – Short Straight Glass or Sour Glass
Strawbar Platinum,
15ml Yellow Chartreuse,
5ml Menthe de Pastille,
20ml Lemon,
1 Egg white.

Shake all ingredients over ice, strain out liquid, remove ice and shake again to aerate. Then pour and drink, then make another.

  • Crimson Blush
    The Crimson red of cherry together with the Blush of fresh strawberries, make this bittersweet beauty hard to put down.
  • Fresco
    This is one to drink on the terrace from when the sun hits, until it leaves.