Bacchus Fizz

Vermouth, Apéritif

Bacchus Fizz

Callum Rixson, The Hideout, Bath

Vermouth, Apéritif


The Strawbar homage to the Greek God of wine.

Perfect in colder weather, the spices in the vermouth bring out the richness of the Strawbar.

20ml Strawbar Platinum
40ml Sweet Vermouth
3 dashes Peach Bitters
Splash Soda

Build in a wine glass; top up with soda; garnish with orange zest and star anise.

  • Hestia
    The perfect after dinner drink, rich creamy and herbal finish off with a fresh menthol hit.
  • Crimson Blush
    The Crimson red of cherry together with the Blush of fresh strawberries, make this bittersweet beauty hard to put down.
  • Fresco
    This is one to drink on the terrace from when the sun hits, until it leaves.