Strawbar Spirit Lands in UK

Strawbar Spirit Lands in UK 750 750 Ben Franks

Strawbar, the first spirit of its kind, has landed in the UK this October. The tipple is distilled entirely from organic strawberries harvested around Florina in the north-west region of Greece.

These local strawberries are delicate so they must be hand-harvested, sorted and carefully washed before being fermented. Nothing goes to waste after fermentation, as discarded pulp and seeds are separated from the juice and sent off to be made into a line of natural skin care products.

The fermented juice is then distilled to two abv expressions, Origin 40.0% and Platinum 45.0%. Despite just a small difference in abv, these two products are both unique and full of character.

Origin is smoother and smokier with potent aromas of strawberry compote. It works very well mixed with Double Dutch Ginger Ale over ice as a simple serve or in cocktails with a modern, berry-full twist.

In comparison, Platinum is a classy fruit eau de vie with racy acidity, jammy aromas and warm pepper spice. It makes for an exceptional digestif, or you can mix it into wintery cocktails such as Coffee Break.

Created by lead distiller Maria Gougousi and organic chemist Vasiliki Daikopoulou, the two Strawbar expressions have already been met with critical acclaim by mixologists in London and Bristol. The lines are very limited edition but new to the market, so we’re looking for support to get them into the hands and mouths of discerning drinkers.

If you’re in the trade and would love to try Strawbar, please get in touch with our team. For discerning drinkers, we’re pleased to announce you can now buy our products from the multi-award-winning wine and spirits merchant Novel Wines. For more information, see our Partners page.

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