STRAWBAR Spirit: The Global Presence at ProWein Düsseldorf and Bar & Restaurant Expo in Las Vegas

STRAWBAR, a distillate embracing innovation in the beverage industry, participates in two of the world's most prestigious exhibitions.


From March 10th to 12th, STRAWBAR Spirit was present at the renowned ProWein exhibition ProWein at the Düsseldorf Germany, welcoming 47,000 registered trade visitors from 135 countries and showcasing its presence with 5,400 exhibitors from 65 countries. For three consecutive years, the STRAWBAR team has offered delightful moments to ProWein visitors, providing a pleasant break with cocktails featuring the flavorful wine tastings that prevail at the exhibition.

But the adventure doesn't end there for STRAWBAR Spirit. From March 19th to 21st, the strawberry distillate made its way to the city of Las Vegas for the famous Bar & Restaurant Expo. Hosted at the iconic Convention Center of Las Vegas, the event welcomed an impressive number of owners, managers, and professionals from the bar and restaurant industry. With a recorded participation of 12,378 individuals, an 8% increase compared to the previous year, the expo provided STRAWBAR Spirit with the opportunity to shine on a global scale, bringing to the forefront a Mediterranean flavor.

LV Strawbar

With each release STRAWBAR Spirit continues to amaze audiences worldwide, leaving its mark on the beverage world and setting the stage for even greater successes to come.