STRAWBAR on the road #7: Funky Monkey, Kozani

STRAWBAR, the new premium strawberry spirits, continue their journey. This time, they found themselves in Kozani once more, at Funky Monkey, renowned for its creative passion!

Funky Monkey certainly had to be a destination in STRAWBAR’s journey. This bar, following new trends and techniques, is a hotspot for fun flavours and cocktail experiences. This time, STRAWBAR Cocktails was the source of inspiration: For the love of berries, Summer fever, Strawberry blitz and Strawbar fashion - all these tasty cocktails were mixed and presented with creative excellence.

         funky monkey 2      funky monkey 1 1

On the day of STRAWBAR’s event, Thursday June 16, the bar's customers took part in a special tasting journey: new STRAWBAR Cocktail creations, crafted exclusively by the bartenders of Funky Monkey, paired with food from the restaurant’s summer menu, provided all attendees a truly unique Cocktail night.

STRAWBAR Origin 40.0% abv and STRAWBAR Platinum 45.0% abv, premium strawberry eau de vie, with a velvety taste and fruity aroma, were used as the base for the cocktails. Ideal to bring out the best in any cocktail!

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