STRAWBAR's First UK National Cocktail Competition and the Journey to BCB Berlin

Mixologists from across the UK showcased their creativity, crafting new cocktail recipes using the exquisite STRAWBAR ORIGIN. The standout of the competition, Zach Sapato, claimed the title with his expertise in flavor pairing and his unique approach.

As the first winner, Zach joined the STRAWBAR team at the BCB Berlin, presenting a 45-minute flavor-guided session. Sapato showcased four distinct cocktails, each designed to elevate the experience of sipping on a STRAWBAR creation. His standout concoction, "Obvious Bridge," captivated the participants.

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Kevin Kos, an international cocktail master and seasoned mixologist, attended STRAWBARs Taste Forum Presentation. Impressed by Zach Sapato's "Obvious Bridge" cocktail, he highlighted the creation on his website,providing readers with insights into the unique flavor profile and cocktail-making techniques. The cocktail also earned a spot on Kevin Kos's popular YouTube channel,further extending its reach and popularity within the global mixology community.

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STRAWBAR congratulates Zach Sapato on his victory and the global recognition received for his innovative cocktails. As we continue to push the boundaries of flavor and creativity, STRAWBAR looks forward to hosting more events that celebrate the artistry of mixology and inspire bartenders to create exceptional experiences with our premium strawberry spirits. Stay tuned for upcoming news and events!