Our team have been putting together brand new cocktail serves especially for Spring 2021, so you can get the most out of your bottle of Strawbar. These will go live here on our site shortly.

The recipes, which celebrate the fresh and vibrant character of Spring, are full of colour and intensity while shining a spotlight on Strawbar’s unique flavour. They work thanks to Strawbar spirit’s aromatics, which are perfumed enough to shine through and add that special something to every drink.

For our fruitier and softer Strawbar Origin 40.0% abv bottling, the chaps have come up with a handful of recipes. The Spring Picnic Punch draws on inspirations of laughter and social outdoor drinks, just as we step out of lockdown. It’s a mix of all sorts of zesty goodies, including a measure of Origin with gin, zingy lime and cranberry juice, floral hibiscus syrup and a top up of soda water for freshness.

Blue is Fun is the ideal bright cocktail for a sunshine afternoon. Origin is jazzed up with Luxardo Bitter Bianco, lime juice, the natural colour-changing butterfly sweet pea syrup, and topped with coconut water. So fresh!

The other with Origin are The Savoured Sip, an elegant cocktail simply showcasing Strawbar with notes of lemon, sugar and bitters.

The racy Strawbar Platinum 45.0% abv bottling has some alluring cocktails as well. Strawberry Cosmos is a reinvention of a classic featuring Platinum with lime juice, triple sec, deeply coloured cranberry juice, and white peach syrup. Ruby coloured and topped with a playful strawberry gummy sweet.

Fruit Bowl Fizz takes Platinum and adds even more zing with a cheeky creamy note from the addition of egg white. This foamy, candied inspired cocktail is a mix of Platinum, banana syrup, egg white and lime juice, topped with lime soda. Amazing!

The final two cocktails to try on the new list are Boujee Fizz (featured image), a simple celebratory cocktail packed with bright strawberry aromas; and Apple Pip, a mix of Avallen Calvados, Strawbar Platinum, honey water and tarragon oil.

We hope you enjoy playing… Cheers!

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