STRAWBAR, the new, first-of-its-kind drink, has been officially launched!

STRAWBAR, the new, first-of-its-kind drink - a distilled spirit, made from strawberries - was officially launched in the Greek market on Saturday, January 8.

The event was hosted at the chic, elegant bar of the EMERALD SUITES hotel in Florina, the birthplace of this premium Eau de Vie, which has already made its international début in select London bars. This journey has led to the creation of excellent cocktails, based on STRAWBAR ORIGIN and STRAWBAR PLATINUM. The guests had the opportunity to sample some of the STRAWBAR Cocktails at the bar of the EMERALD SUITES hotel, commenting and expressing their preferences for the different cocktail “characters”. STRAWBAR’s quality, as well as the creativity of the Mixologists behind its creation, received excellent reviews, thus carving a new niche in the beverage market, where the natural origin, purity, and locality of the ingredients are the main criteria for sophisticated beverage lovers.

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STRAWBAR ORIGIN, double distilled (40% abv) and STRAWBAR PLATINUM, triple distilled (45% abv), are both available online ( The next steps of distribution and placement of the two premium spirits are expected soon. Among the hits of the evening, a gift that was greatly appreciated by the attendees was the Beauty Kit of Strb. cosmetics, produced with the samestrawberries that give us STRAWBAR. 100% natural cosmetics, with no additives and chemicals, inspired and tested with great respect for people and the environment.

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