Strawbar goes to London.

Το Strawbar, the first spirit of its kind, arrived in the UK in October 2020. The drink is entirely distilled from strawberries harvested around Florina, in northwestern Greece.

These delicate local strawberries are hand-picked, carefully shorted, and washed before fermentation. Nothing goes to waste after fermentation, as the pulp and seeds are separated from the juice, and sent to produce skincare products.

The fermented juice is then distilled into two versions of the drink: Origin (40.0%) and Platinum (45.0%). Despite the small difference in alcohol content, the two drinks are unique and distinct.

Origin is softer, smokier, with strong aromas of strawberry compote. It really shines when mixed with Double Dutch Ginger Ale and ice. It can also be served in cocktails, as a modern take on berry-infused spirits.

By comparison, Platinum is a classic, fruity spirit with vibrant acidity, crisp aroma, and a warm, peppery flavour. It's good as a digestive or can be paired with more wintery cocktails like Coffee Break.

The two Strawbar releases have already been met with critical acclaim from mixologists in London and Bristol. The current series are limited edition and new to the market, so we are looking for support to get them into the hands and mouths of discerning drinkers. If you are a business interested in trying Strawbar, contact our team here..

If you already have a bottle of Strawbar, you can look for some cocktail inspirations here.


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