At Times Café Bar with STRAWBAR!


STRAWBAR continued its journey to Ptolemaida after Ioannina, at the elegant and welcoming Times Café Bar.

STRAWBAR 75 was the welcome drink that greeted the customers of the café. They then had the opportunity to taste 5 other unique cocktails. STRAWBAR Cocktails were created by STRAWBAR's team of Mixologists and prepared live for Times' customers by Sam Cox, the team's barman from England.

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The STRAWBAR cocktails were accompanied by delicious snacks that completed the dining experience. Those who tasted and evaluated the STRAWBAR Cocktails left with the unique taste of STRAWBAR on their palate, but also with various STRAWBAR gifts.

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STRAWBAR premium spirits are made exclusively from strawberries, grown in Florina, Greece. The strawberries that are the base raw material for the creation of STRAWBAR are carefully picked, sorted and washed by hand, one by one. The distillation process fully respects the raw material, which is immediately noticeable, as the beloved strawberry aroma completes the experience of enjoyment from the very first sip.

Discover the unique STRAWBAR flavor and order a STRAWBAR ORIGIN40.0% abv and STRAWBAR PLATINUM 45,0% abv.