Presentation of STRAWBAR strawberry spirits in Thessaloniki

On Monday, April 4, Red Dr.Ing welcomed journalists and Hotel, Restaurant & Catering professionals at the Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki Hotel, for the presentation of the new strawberry spirits STRAWBAR ORIGIN and STRAWBAR PLATINUM.

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For the first part of the event, the founder and owner of Red Dr.Ing, Dr. Ioannis Papasotiriou presented the vision and goals that lead him to the creation of the spirits. He explained that Red Dr.Ing, as a member of RGCC Group, a medical research organisation, applies innovative methodologies to develop products that meet new consumer needs. In STRAWBAR's case, the investment involves the planting of strawberries on farmland in Florina and processing them into distilled spirits, while also contributing to the development of the region.

The chemist Maria Gougousi presented the production process of the two spirits, while business growth consultant, PR and marketing expert, Nigel Locker, reported on their launch in the UK.

Chemist, oenologist, wine journalist, and presentation coordinator Maria Netsika guided the tasting of the two spirits:

STRAWBAR ORIGIN, a strawberry spirit with a particularly aromatic character and an elegant, refined profile. Double distillation delivers generous mouthfeel, smooth alcohol, oily body, and a velvety finish that releases floral notes.

STRAWBAR PLATINUM triple distilled. Warm and oily, with a complex aromatic profile, spicy notes, and a long strawberry aftertaste.

The next part of the presentation was dedicated to food pairing. Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki’s executive chef Apostolos Altanis created and presented dishes/suggestions to accompany the two spirits. Savoury and sweet finger foods that, apart from their appetizing appearance and deliciousness, surprised the attendees with their creative presentation.

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As STRAWBAR strawberry spirits are the perfect base for premium cocktails, the event concluded with Cocktail Hour, where British mixologist Sam Cox prepared imaginative cocktails such as Crimson Blush (Strawbar Origin, Luxardo Maraschino, Campari), Strawberry Cosmo (Strawbar, lime juice, triple sec, cranberry juice, White peach syrup) and Boujee Fizz (Strawbar Platinum, Esprit de Gigues, Prosecco).

The event ended with the announcement of the STRAWBAR Cocktail Creations competition in collaboration with Mr. Paraskevoudis and The Bar Institute.


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