Find your new love with STRAWBAR, the first strawberry distilled spirit!

On February 14th, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, STRAWBAR was presented at a high-spirited event at the beer bar “Vatrakoukos”, in Kozani. The attendees had the opportunity to taste 5 different cocktails, created by the STRAWBAR's Mixologist team, and prepared live by Sam Cox, the team's barman from England.

Everyone that participated and evaluated the STRAWBAR cocktails had the opportunity to win a two-day stay at Agios Athanasios, which included, apart from hospitality, a Spa Package, for the lucky winners to enjoy a fully relaxing and recreational experience.

STRAWBAR is an exciting new drink, the first of its kind to be introduced to the market. It can be enjoyed in cocktails, or straight to appreciate the nature of a 100% strawberry eau de vie. The spirit is produced in the region of Florina, where the strawberries used are grown!

Some information about the spirit: STRAWBAR ORIGIN 40.0% abv is a true eau de vie, a spirit that encapsulates, in its freshness, the tasty and aromatic essence of a strawberry.

STRAWBAR PLATINUM 45.0% abv is our luxury, triple distilled eau de vie. Its character is more intense, for a broader, more lingering aftertaste.

STRAWBAR premium spirits are made exclusively from strawberries, grown in Florina, Greece. The strawberries that are the base raw material for the creation of STRAWBAR are carefully picked, sorted and washed by hand, one by one. The distillation process fully respects the raw material, which is immediately noticeable, as the beloved strawberry aroma completes the experience of enjoyment from the very first sip.

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