See in the New Year with a Strawbar

Celebrate the New Year with a sip of Strawbar

Celebrate the New Year with a sip of Strawbar 1077 1077 Ben Franks

However you’re seeing in 2021, let’s make it special.

There’s no doubt 2020 has been a hardship and Christmas away from our families means, for most of us, it’s a year we’re happily leaving behind. However, 2021 feels like a year to hope for the better and we would love to share a Strawbar with you to celebrate.

Our limited release eau de vie brandies are made from 100% wild strawberries, farmed around Florina in northern Greece. These strawberries taste fantastic, but no-one was using them! Luckily talented scientist and distiller Maria Gougousi decided to take these berries and make an eau de vie.

Each organic berry is hand-harvested, hand-washed and then gently crushed before being distilled. The pips and seeds are taken away to make a beauty cream, so nothing is wasted. The spirit is double distilled to 40.0% abv for our Origin bottling, and triple distilled to 45.0% abv for our Platinum bottling.

The resulting eau de vie is something very special. Origin leads with intensely aromatic strawberry perfume and follows with smoky and savoury notes. Platinum is racier with fuller, jammier notes and hints of black pepper.

Both brandies will have eau de vie fans smiling. Those yet to fall for eau de vie, or even try one, should mix Strawbar with lemonade or ginger ale. It makes for a gorgeous and simple celebratory tipple.

Cheers, and Happy New Year!

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