About Strawbar

Created by

The Phi Group

– established in 2018 to distil unique new spirits from local fruits and introduce bold, clean flavours to the bar, spirit and mixology world in limited edition quantities. Strawbar has been developed by a young team using professional craftsmanship and time-honoured, traditional distillation processes. Their long-term goal is to produce a unique range of spirits, of which Strawbar is the first.

“We were originally inspired to make a distillate using an overlooked strain of nutrient rich strawberries that specifically grow in the north west region of Greece –

Lead Distiller

– “An area that is currently experiencing a period of high unemployment and financial instability,” says our lead distiller. “We particularly wanted to use and promote the local produce that nature has provided while helping the rural economy. Following an intense period of research and development, Strawbar combines the properties of a distilled product with the flavour and aftertaste of strawberries, which we believe makes it unique. We are delighted with the feedback Strawbar has received so far, and believe that we are on a very fruitful journey that will take our original inspiration to many discerning individuals and bars around the world.”

Strawbar Origin and Strawbar Platinum are the first in a collection that will develop to introduce further fruit-based spirits to an international market ripe for being shaken and stirred in the most fascinatingly refreshing way, delighting perceptive palates across the globe with an ultra-modern taste of the new. Enquire today

“These tiny organic strawberries are very delicate and so we pick, sort and wash them by hand before packing in shallow trays so they do not get crushed. They are also very nutrient-rich and full of antioxidants so we are recycling the waste pulp and pips for use in a range of organic skin creams and scrubs. Nothing is wasted of these special fruits!“