Strawbar Gold Eau de Vie Tease

A Hidden Secret: Has Strawbar Struck Gold?

A Hidden Secret: Has Strawbar Struck Gold? 750 750 Ben Franks

Shh, it’s a secret. 

The team at Strawbar were excited to taste a new style from our distillers recently. Lead distiller Maria Gougousi and chemist Vasiliki Daikopoulou have put together something extra special.

Using small barriques, the team have created an aged impression of Strawbar. Named ‘Gold’ after its lightly golden colour, this style brings Strawbar to new level. Barrel influences soften the texture while giving the spirit deeper spicy notes. The strawberry aromas are preserved precisely, while the ageing has added more complexity to the experience.

Strawbar Gold will be released in extremely limited quantity. It is designed to be drunk neat like a fine whisky and will give Eau de Vie fans a taste to truly savour.

We will let you know when it’s on the market, but for now please sit tight. As you know, we never do anything by half measure at Strawbar, so Maria and the team are working to perfect Gold for you.

When it comes, you know it will be the best.

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